• Real-time updates. All-time confidence.

    SubTrux Live Tracking & Trace gives you real-time updates on deliveries... and a total peace of mind.

  • Drive smarter. Not just faster.

    SubTrux DMS™ optimises delivery routes to maximise your efficiency.

  • Same-Day. Smarter Way.

    From Teslas to tippers, SubTrux Marketplace has over 2,000 drivers and same-day delivery solutions for you.

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    Owner Operators and Contractors

What is SubTrux?

SubTrux is a technology platform that enables businesses to get control of their deliveries. Either utilise the SubTrux crowdsourced marketplace for same day deliveries or your delivery overflow. For us the platform to managing your own fleet and third party carrier partners. SubTrux helps businesses take control of complex delivery needs.

SubTrux Marketplace

Over 2,000 qualified drivers and vehicles of every size. Crowdsource delivery for oversized items, 25kg+ loads, and same-day delivery.

Efficiency and savings

Make use of driver availability and empty loads. Same day delivery starts from $0.04* per kg * unit price is based on delivery for item weight 1 tonne.

Greater confidence

Ensure the delivery experience matches the standard you set with star ratings and reviews of available drivers and vehicles before you book.

Unlock scalability

Business growing or simply seasonal demand? Have the ability to scale up with all types of vehicles and drivers - without large scale investment demands,

Competitive advantage

When your competition is locked into inflexible and expensive arrangements with carrier partners, have the ability to deliver exactly what customers need, when they need it.

SubTrux DMS™

SubTrux DMS helps you manage the entire delivery experience, control your businesses' complex delivery needs, optimise your own vehicles and third party carriers. Gain control of costs, DIFOT and valuable insights all with our easy-to-use, automated platform.

Greater control

Your business. Your rules. Whether you have your own fleet or make use of a carrier partner, create standards, expectations and a way of working that’s right for you, not someone else.

Increased efficiency

Our route optimisation engines pick up the most effective routes enabling you to make multiple deliveries efficiently.

Transparency & Visibility

Knowledge is power. Track deliveries via Google maps, live ETA notifications via SMS and email, POD images and notes, customer to driver messaging as well as feedback from both.

Accessibility & Flexibility

Whether your business is big or small, there are a number of different packages to suit your needs and budget. Start with a trial and upgrade any time.

SubTrux is a way for businesses to deliver better. And ultimately, be better.

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Marketplace for Subtrux drivers

Marketplace for Subtrux drivers

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More than just another transportation job

More than just another transportation job

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Hire a driver and Vehicle for the day!

Hire a driver and Vehicle for the day!

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Explore wide range of vehicles at your fingertips

Explore wide range of vehicles at your fingertips

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Apprenticeship program for truck driving

Apprenticeship program for truck driving

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