Judo Bank

Judo Bank


Judo Bank is an Australian-based bank that prioritises small to medium sized enterprise lending, but also offers a range of personal term deposit products to consumers. With seven branches across Australia and frequently sending items between the branches delivering with live information and visibility is crucial to all facets of their organisation.


Judo Bank had been managing their interstate deliveries through two separate courier companies which created an array of communication errors and visibility issues for Judo Bank across the board.

Judo Bank management team was unable to see driver information, they were unable to get a proof of delivery nor could they live track any of their items whereabout.

Judo faced not only low customer satisfaction but also a severe lack of information.

These issues were leading to cost blowouts, ineffective time management and mountains of paperwork which were provided post – creating a lot of business challenges and problems.

The benefits of joining SubTrux Marketplace have been obvious since day one, “we have seen many changes that we are so pleased with”.

Benefits and Results

SubTrux has been able to provide an impactful and ongoing solution for Judo Bank that has produced both long – term and short-term benefits.

SubTrux consolidates all of Judo Banks deliveries into one platform. This allows for easier management of deliveries.
Empowering them to book numerous jobs either through pre-planning and automation as well as any adhoc work that they required.

The Judo team are able to easily assign driver’s and able to start deliveries to and from various branches across the nation.

The platform provides full track and trace on all deliveries, direct contact with every driver, time stamped deliveries with live proof of delivery (pod) images.

The increased visibility has improved our relationships with our customers and their experience with Judo Bank significantly, and the option to track our deliveries via the system has helped us resolve any issues before they even arise”.

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