Oversized, Over 25 Kilos and Same day delivery!

Big or small, if you’ve got something to transport, the one thing you want is for the whole process to be as simple, cost effective and as hassle free as possible.

SubTrux Marketplace connects you 2000 crowdsourced, pre-qualified drivers and vehicles of every size and type. As delivery demands (especially same day deliveries) grow, with real-time tracking, contact-free proof of delivery, driver and vehicle reviews and highly competitive pricing, SubTrux Marketplace is your smart, one-stop delivery solution.

 All starting from only $0.04* per kg * unit price is based on delivery for item weight 1 tonne.

SubTrux now offers 2 hour and 4 hour same day delivery - Starting from $15+ per delivery

  • 2Hr Express Delivery – Available 12am to 10pm for delivery before 12am (midnight).
  • 4Hr Delivery – Available 12am to 8pm for delivery before 12am (midnight).
  • Same Day Delivery – Posted by 12pm for delivery by 5pm. Posted by 2pm for delivery by 7pm.

Free to join

SubTrux Marketplace is the bespoke courier option for businesses, similar to UBER, but for the delivery industry and was created to bridge the gap between businesses needing affordable freight services and drivers looking for extra work and a reliable source of income. A win-win for all! Where large-scale courier companies lack the agility and appetite for smaller, everyday freight movements, SubTrux Marketplace allows businesses to move inventory with ease at a much lower cost. No matter whether you're shipping fridges or freesias, Swiss watches or Italian swatches, dumbbells or smart TVs, what's most important to you and your customers is that you deliver a quality experience. Available via app or web, SubTrux Marketplace is FREE to join, so if your usual courier provider is also delivering you a headache, why not sign up and book a job today?

On Demand - Same Day Delivery

Connecting real people in real time, marketplace enables you to move goods from A to B, contact free, inexpensive and uber effective.

Flexibility at your fingertips.

Whether you’re after vehicles for the day, week or month or just need to hire one for a single job, SubTrux Marketplace gives you access to a network of qualified and approved drivers with vehicles who are ready to deliver in real-time.

A step-by-step guide to prepare your business for same day delivery.

Learn about why same day delivery matters and the steps you can take to prepare your business for same day delivery.

Book, track, and manage 24/7.

SubTrux Marketplace provides you with the ability to plan ahead or respond quickly to a delivery need, day-or-night, 7 days a week.

Fit for every purpose.

From pantechs, tautliners, curtainsiders, tray and flatbeds, tippers, utes, vans, cars and more, you can access the vehicles you need, when and where you need them.

Live Tracking

Inbuilt Google Maps tracking feature gives you instant live tracking, live ETA updates, PODs and detailed visibility of all your delivery activities.

Competitive Rates

Deal with drivers and contractors directly to ensure competitive pricing without the hassle of negotiation.

Greater confidence

Ensure the delivery experience matches the standard you set with star ratings and reviews of available drivers and vehicles available before you book.

Send a Delivery










Hire a Vehicle with a Driver




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It’s no longer a question of is there a better way? No matter if you have your own fleet or use a carrier partner, the real question should be, why aren’t we doing it a better way?

Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

Yes, we service customers Australia wide.

Melbourne Victoria, Australia.

We have been operating since 2018.

There is no cost for registering with Marketplace, pay only if you post jobs.

Once a job is created, the job will display the rate for the job, if you haven’t already submitted your credit card, you can do so when posting the job.

It is free until you post your first job.

You have full tracking, visibility and communication with the driver, you also have time stamped photo proof of your delivery.

Yes, all contractors must accept our terms and conditions which required insurance to be current.

You have direct communication with the driver, If this cannot be resolved you can contact SubTrux for assistance.

Yes, once a contractor has accepted your job, you have the driver contact details displayed.

Yes, you can contact SubTrux via Email or phone.

No, SubTrux services all industry types.

We have contractors registered with all types of vehicles, from a Bicycle to a Semi, a Tipper or Earthmoving equipment.

Email or call SubTrux and a team member will assist you.

Yes, SubTrux has preset rates on each job or vehicle hire, all rates are displayed and visible before a job is posted.

All Pick up and deliveries are contact free.

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With upfront, fully transparent pricing, instant booking, fast turn-around payments and driver ratings, SubTrux puts you in the driver’s seat to drive your own future.

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Big or small, if you’ve got something to transport, the one thing you want is for the whole process to be as simple, cost effective and as hassle free as possible. SubTrux Marketplace delivers just that and a whole lot more.

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