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    Delivery Management Software delivering real results.

SubTrux DMS™

SubTrux DMS helps you manage the entire delivery experience, control your businesses' complex delivery needs, optimise your own vehicles and third party carriers. Gain control of costs, DIFOT and valuable insights all with our easy-to-use, automated platform.

Greater control

Your business. Your rules. Whether you have your own fleet or make use of a carrier partner, create standards, expectations and a way of working that’s right for you, not someone else.

Increased efficiency

Our route optimisation engines pick up the most effective routes enabling you to make multiple deliveries efficiently.

Transparency & Visibility

Knowledge is power. Track deliveries via Google maps, live ETA notifications via SMS and email, POD images and notes, customer to driver messaging as well as feedback from both.

Accessibility & Flexibility

Whether your business is big or small, there are a number of different packages to suit your needs and budget. Start with a trial and upgrade any time.

SubTrux DMS

The SubTrux Delivery Management Platform allows any business that moves freight to take control of its entire delivery experience, from one end to the other. It gives you the freedom to manage all your delivery processes, control costs and gain valuable insight into every one of your deliveries - on one, easy-to-use, automated platform. Combining functionality with flexibility, offering plenty of things the freight industry typically doesn't. Critical elements like 100% transparency for you and your customers, increased confidence, trust and efficiency, better environmental practises, lower wastage, higher compliance standards, immediate access to over 2000 qualified drivers when and where you need them and all the real-time information you want on every single one of your deliveries, every single day. So, if you'd like to experience the difference between regularly hoping for success and consistently delivering it, don't stress it. SubTrux it.

Key Features

100% transparency for you and your customers.

SubTrux provides detailed information on the status of deliveries to meet a rising need for transparency and provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. • Live Maps and Vehicle Monitoring • Live ETA Notifications and Status • PODs, delivery images and notes • Suite of Reporting and Analysis tools • Customer to driver messaging • Customer and driver feedback

Manage your distribution network and heavy vehicle compliance

Use SubTrux and allocate jobs to your preferred distribution network. View and manage those you’ve assigned jobs to in real-time, with increased visibility and confidence. No more manual logbooks, run sheets and endless phone calls. • Allocate deliveries directly to your preferred network • Improve the customer experience • Vehicle, load and delivery declaration checklists and alerts • Licence and registration expiry reminders • Overloaded alerts • Fatigue violation alerts

Stress-free pick up, planning and routing deliveries.

SubTrux lets you view, plan and auto-assign jobs on an interactive platform. Stay on top of challenges or get ahead of them with the ability to plan deliveries days, weeks and months in advance. • Last-mile, middle mile and line haul planning • Delivery pre-planning • Easy to use manual drag and drop allocation • Automated delivery scheduling • Automated Route and Vehicle Optimisation • Route and delivery history

Delivering your business goals without eating into your potential profits.

With the SubTrux DMS dashboard, you have a complete overview of your deliverables and your DIFOT performance all in real time. With information including: • Current delivery capacity - know whether you need extra drivers and vehicles. • Current costs per kilometer • Third party carrier costs • Average time spent on site • Up to the minute information on iIdle time and any delivery delays

SubTrux is a way for businesses to deliver better. And ultimately, be better.


SubTrux enables COR Compliance to be recorded in real time and alerts the Drivers and their Management of any breaches of the NHVA requirements for Driver and Vehicle Safety. With driver timesheets being digitally recorded and fatigue breaks automatically calculated to alert the driver, any breach of the protocol alerts all parties to ensure there are no accidents and safety measures are effective. Vehicle checklists are also a key component of safety and compliance. The Driver App requests a full safety check prior to departure and if there is any defect discovered, the operator is allerted and notified. Do your deliveries comply with COR? 


SubTrux offers safety and compliance solutions that connect live with the delivery operation because when moving freight, there is more to the responsibility than just the load you are carrying. - Compulsory vehicle safety checks - Automated fatigue management alerts - Registration and Driver's Licence expiry alerts - Overloading alerts and notifications

Live Track and Trace

At SubTrux, we genuinely believe that creating a better delivery experience matters. Not just for that particular delivery moment, but for all the potential ones to come. Live Vehicle tracking provides real time ETA to your customers, full visibility of the drivers whereabouts, plus direct communication with the allocated driver and peace of mind! Never again will you be uttering the words "where is my delivery?"


The transport industry contributes a minimum of 16% of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. SubTrux is focussed on turning these inefficiencies into opportunities using innovative technologies. At SubTrux we’re helping the transport industry minimise fuel consumption, reduce emissions, increase capacity and reduce costs we do this through; - Increase efficiency and capacity by maximising the use of your fleet through backloading your empty vehicles. - Operating Paperless digital records, track and trace reduce the requirement for a paper trail

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

We take the time to understand your business and then provide you an overview as follows

  • Process improvement
  • Cost savings
  • Compliance
  • Customer experience

Yes, You have the option to trial the software without any commitment.

At the end of trial period (30 days).

Pay as you go via credit card, on account monthly invoice payment as per agreed terms.

SubTrux is designed, developed and supported in Australia.

Yes, we service customers Australia wide.

You can email or call our accounts department or speak with your customer service team member.

We provide immediate service

  • For Priority 1 (Urgent) within 1hr
  • Priority 2 (High) within 4hrs
  • Priority 3 (Medium) within 1 day,
  • Priority 4 (Low) Agreed timelines for changes.

We have a comprehensive monitoring and alerts system in place that captures system issues promptly.

No, there is no minimum number of vehicles required.

Once a contractor request has been accepted and starts your delivery, you have full visibility of that driver and delivery.

Yes, we can integrate with any ERP or WMS platform.

Yes, you have the option for your own company branding and details to be displayed on all documentation.

There are optional 3 notifications, Scheduled, started and completed (Proof of delivery if required) all are on the same link which is updated in real time.

Yes, Our platform sits on Google which has very high physical, administrative security at their data centre. Access to the Technical Environments is secured using google SAML which is recognised as an Industry leader in security measures.

Yes, Subtrux uses Google Maps and Google/Apple maps on the Driver App which allows for all traffic conditions.

If you require the visibility and communication from the driver they must use the SubTrux Driver App.

SubTrux is very secure and has never encountered any downtime or cyber attacks.

No, there is no maximum, the system caters for small, medium or enterprise businesses.

Dms and Marketplace on 1 platform, caters for own drivers, external contractors or carrier partners.