Same day delivery!

Globally speaking, same day delivery is no longer just a concept. Instead, it’s the standard practice in many industries nowadays. Fashion retailers, food and beverage companies, medical suppliers, car accessory manufacturers, and a lot more are now offering same day delivery service to consumers.

For many customers, same day delivery is a great solution as time poor they are unable to go to brick-and-mortar shops to pick up goods that they need. In fact, as much as 61% of shoppers are willing to pay extra for the convenience that same day delivery brings, which only shows that customers don’t like to be kept waiting. In the current climate of Covid we now see the demand for same day delivery even higher!

From a business perspective, the value of same day delivery can be helpful in increasing your sales volume. There’s nothing more convenient for consumers than receiving their orders directly on-site. This level of service that comes with same day delivery can give you a lot of repeat business from customers.

The challenge for all businesses is the ability to scale fast without all the overhead associated with putting on your own fleet. SubTrux now offers Marketplace app, which connects business owners to over 1000 pre-qualified drivers and vehicles of every size and type- ready to deliver goods today!

So, as delivery demands (especially same day deliveries) grow, SubTrux Marketplace offers keen drivers and vehicles ready to roll with the bonus of real-time tracking, contact-free proof of delivery, driver and vehicle reviews and highly competitive pricing, SubTrux Marketplace is your smart, one-stop delivery solution.

Down load the android app today follow this link or click here or on your desktop click here and book a job today!

You can register in a matter of minutes and you will be amazed at our costs, we offer same day delivery – starting from $0.04* per kg

Simply Get our free guide click here to download the whitepaper, should you need more information drop us a line or give us a call we’d be delighted to chat about your delivery needs.

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