SubTrux Marketplace Launch

SubTrux has unveiled a smartphone application known as SubTrux Marketplace. The app supports businesses and connects people in real-time needing to move goods from A to B to provide contact-free, inexpensive and bespoke courier solutions for Australian businesses. Think of it as the UBER of the freight and courier industry.

The team set out to create the service to bridge the gap between existing businesses needing fair freight services and Australians seeking work and a reliable source of income. Where large-scale courier companies lack the agility and personalisation for everyday freight movements, SubTrux Marketplace allows businesses to hire a vehicle and driver to move inventory from one store to another or from one side of the city and more all with ease.

SubTrux Marketplace looks to provide a source of income to anyone credible with a Ute, truck, Tipper or suitable vehicle and the desire to work! Creating new courier jobs for those who need it most.

The app provides full visibility and easy to use experience for the job-poster and contractor, through refined mechanics of tracking, live imagery, and journey mapping from start to finish. It’s literally Uber for trucks!

Trying to keep a small business afloat, cutting costs is critical in a COVID-19 era and traditional courier services are unfeasible and unadaptable. SubTrux Marketplace is offering visible, simple solutions that typical courier companies simply cannot keep up with, at a much lower price. 

“We’re seeing the registrations coming through are a mixture of transport companies looking for work, and a lot of smaller businesses or individuals that have lost jobs at the hands of this crisis. For example, a gym instructor wanted to sell equipment to diversify his business in lockdown. He was waiting a week for courier companies to get back to him. When they did, he was confronted with a $150 fee to move kettlebells from Bentleigh to Seddon. SubTrux Marketplace facilitated this same-day delivery for under $30,” says Chris Founder. 

Connecting you to over 1000 pre-qualified drivers and vehicles of every size and type nationwide, peace of mind is delivered right alongside the goods you need shipped. With real-time tracking, contact-free proof of delivery, driver and vehicle reviews and highly competitive pricing, SubTrux Marketplace is your smart one-stop delivery solution.

No matter whether you’re shipping fridges or freesias, Swiss watches or Italian swatches, dumbbells or smart TVs, what’s most important to you and your customers is the quality of the experience.

Available via app or web, SubTrux Marketplace is FREE to join, so if your usual courier provider is also delivering you a headache, why not sign up and book a job today?



REAL-TIME TRACKING:Keep track of your deliveries every step of the way.
DRIVERS READY:Access to 1000+ drivers nationwide.
COST EFFICIENT:No greedy service fee. Direct to driver to keep costs as low as possible.
COVID SAFE:Contact free. Worry Free.
GUARANTEED QUALITY:Driver ratings help you choose the best one for the job.

Download the app today for Andriod

IOS coming soon!

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