Coronavirus means that delivery couriers are needed in our cities now more than ever. But it also means that the way we do delivery is changing. Many companies have started to roll out contactless delivery to try to limit contact between people during this time.

To stop the spread of Coronavirus we are all trying to minimise contact with others, and practice social distancing. This means not shaking hands, hugging, or standing close to other people in public. The fewer people we interact within close distance means the less likely it is that we will be passing the virus to each other.

At SubTrux we have this top of mind, and have adopted this new way of delivery. With communication so easy to manage our clients know when a driver has arrived at the customer’s house. We help our clients support contactless delivery, and given the transparency we always encourage drivers to read the delivery notes carefully for every delivery.

Contactless delivery is a simple way we can fight the spread of Coronavirus together, and keep our cities safe and functioning during this difficult time.

Learn more about how we can help your business with qualified drivers ready to help deliver a better and safer experience for your customers.

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