Get back behind the wheel

With SubTrux Marketplace gives you the opportunity to take on extra work, instead of traveling back empty – pick up another job on the way. Earn extra money, save fuel and maximise your travel capacity. You can find an array of opportunities for work that suit your availability, capacity and resources.

Dubbed the Uber of the courier industry, Subtrux Marketplace provides a source of income to anyone credible with a Ute, truck or suitable vehicle and the desire to work, creating new courier jobs for those who need it most. Free to sign up and free to use, you will find unlimited job opportunities and truly enjoy the simplicity of the app.

Full visibility is ensured for the job-poster and contractor, through refined mechanics of tracking, live imagery, and journey mapping from start to finish.


Gain access to a trusted national database of customers across multiple industry sectors using SubTrux Marketplace. – Get paid fast: 7 day payment guarantee – Earn per hour or per on demand job – Earn from $20 – $150 per hour depending on your vehicle type – You can earn up to $1200 per day – Flexible to all vehicle types – Fast registration process.


With upfront, fully transparent pricing, instant booking, fast turn-around payments and driver ratings, SubTrux puts you in the driver’s seat to drive your own future. SubTrux Drive App is simple to use. Proof of deliveries are tracked against bookings and trip payments are guaranteed within 7-days.

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