Last mile supply chain

There is a lot of talk around last mile supply chain but what does that mean and how do we maintain control of it when we outsource our delivery management to a third party? Traditionally when delivery management is outsourced, your company is at the mercy of your transport partners inhouse systems which, in many cases, still run on manual time sheets and delivery slips etc. So what hope is there of “real time” customer delivery information when our trusted partners do not have access to it themselves?         

Relying on the transport/delivery industry to change is not a reasonable response to the ever changing demands of your customers and it means you are not in control of the  delivery experience.  With the growth of ecommerce through both tech advancement and the pandemic, consumer  demands for faster deliveries and full track and trace visibility are not an ideal they are now a necessity. 

To maintain customer loyalty, ensure best practice and glowing customer reviews, the question is “can companies afford not to take control of their last mile delivery process themselves?” The short answer is NO. Subtrux created the technology that finally enables full transparency, track and trace of all outsourced deliveries with your chosen freight carriers. Simply by downloading the SUBTRUX app, drivers receive an optimised delivery schedule for the onboard deliveries and all parties have full access to real time data track and trace data. Reach out to us today to find out more.

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