Time is money!

“Remember that time is money” said Benjamin Franklin and no truer words have been spoken when it comes to running a successful business. However when it comes to customer service, have you ever considered what it is costing you to not have real time access and ability to track and trace your customers deliveries? 

In today’s business world data is king and when it comes to the customer experience and delivery information, real time track and trace data is the holy grail. But it is not just the customer experience you are enhancing when you have access to this information, it is also your bottom line. 

Think of the time it would save your customer service team if every single call they took from a customer chasing delivery information was resolved on the spot with exact real time information. No more questions without immediate answers, no more call backs, no more calling your freight carriers chasing delivery information and waiting for copies of manual proof of deliveries and other documentation to be received. The volume of time spent on calls chasing customer delivery information would dramatically reduce and the calls you do manage would be resolved on the spot. 

For many companies the thought of setting up such an innovative technology solution seems too daunting that they prefer to delay the perceived disruption and stay as they are operating a cost prohibitive, antiquated system they currently run and have been used to functioning with for longer than they can remember. But is that the best use of your customer service teams resources? If time is money, how much wasted time is accumulating daily and what is the financial impact of that to your business? 

Speak to our team today to discuss a demonstration of SubTrux Delivery Management Solution (DMS) to see for yourself just how much you can save your businesses bottom line when it comes to Delivery Management within your organization.

Drop us a line or give us a call we’d be delighted to chat about how we can transform your delivery experience.

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