Changing Customer Service in Real time!

The customer service team is an integral part of any business. Not only is the role of customer service an information resource for successfully maintaining existing customers, it is also to attract and impress new potential customers. It can be the point of difference between you and your competitors, even more valuable than price.

Have you ever considered why that is? When we look at consumer trends and expectations, delivery information and transparency is one of the biggest pain points for customers. Placing orders either online or in-store sets off the chain reaction for the inevitable delivery. Customers are looking for delivery information almost as soon as they have placed their order and successfully paid for it. This is where companies fall down with regards to their customer service. With many businesses outsourcing their deliveries to a third party carrier, once the product has been collected by the carrier, companies are completely out of the loop when it comes to the delivery of their goods to their customer.  

The biggest complaint when it comes to customer satisfaction is the lack of transparency when it comes to receiving their delivery. The frustration of chasing customer services for information that they do not have access to and waiting for calls back from the freight carrier or tracking a number online with limited updates on the whereabouts of their order, all amount to hours of frustration on behalf of the customer. Not to mention the frustration for the company themselves chasing the information from their freight carrier on behalf of their customer! Although this has always been an issue when outsourcing deliveries to third party freight courier companies, it is no longer an acceptable way to manage deliveries and service your customers in this digital age.

There is however a solution to this lack of transparency when it comes to tracking and tracing deliveries outsourced to third party freight companies – SubTrux Delivery Management solution (DMS) was originally created to solve this specific problem. Imagine a system that enables real time track and trace of all outsourced deliveries that updates the customer directly with text alerts including the real time delivery route and ETA information, delivery confirmation, and proof of delivery with photos. Sounds impossible but now a reality. Contact the team at SubTrux to discuss how the DMS can take your delivery management to the next level.

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