The Customer is King

As they say, the customer is king and your ability to answer any question regarding your products or the customers delivery should be immediate. But is that even possible, especially when many companies outsource their customer deliveries to third party carriers? 

In most cases customer service teams are like a team of receptionists taking enquiries and then chasing information to call the customer back with the relevant information at a later time. There can be hours lost everyday chasing delivery information that should be (in a perfect world) at your fingertips in real time. 

But with SubTrux DMS you have access to all relevant delivery information at the click of a button. Not only for your customer service team to access but also sent directly to the customer.  With SubTrux both you and your customer can track and trace the driver’s location, route, contact information, real time delivery ETA, proof of delivery and images of the products that were successfully delivered by your third party carrier. 

Contact SubTrux today to find out more about how you can work more effectively with your carrier partners and have complete transparency of the delivery process without disrupting the status quo.

Should you need more information drop us a line or give us a call we’d be delighted to chat about your delivery needs.

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