SubTrux Adapts to the Modern Fleet Solution

So how do you manage the perfect delivery fleet? Inspired by Uber’s innovation, SubTrux looks to the future of fleet delivery, both on the customer and fleet management side. SubTrux has adapted to the latest technology and the live tracking trend by integrating fleet-management software with a live customer service interface that once and for all answers the question “Where is my order?”

In addition to a great management and delivery platform. SubTrux also facilitates a marketplace of on-demand vehicles and drivers to immediately step in if a local business’ orders suddenly exceed the needs of their fleet. Integrated with the SubTrux platform, on-demand drivers also integrate smoothly into your service delivery, available immediately to your customers and live-tracked just like the rest of your fleet.

SubTrux combines functionality with visibility in a future-forward approach to on-demand delivery allowing those in the civil construction industry to get jobs completed.! To find out more, contact us today.

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