The Uber for Trucks

Subtrux Marketplace is a crowdsourced delivery platform bringing together independent contractor drivers and their vehicles with businesses looking to outsource their deliveries or scale up without the capital investment. SubTrux Marketplace connects you to pre-qualified drivers and vehicles of every size and type.

The benefits of SubTrux Marketplace include:

  • A way to remove the hassle of messy and lengthy paperwork and give your contractors access to their own portal, jobs and vehicle tracking, allowing them to plan and choose their own jobs.
  • Access to an approved network of vehicles and drivers when you need them most – without expensive, long term commitments.
  • The ability to offer the same day delivery that customers are increasingly expecting

Whether its businesses needing the ability to scale up quickly or drivers in these challenging times looking for new opportunities and efficiencies for their existing vehicles. SubTrux is a smart, simple and powerful solution from Teslas to tippers and more. We have the vehicles you need, when and where you need them, regardless of what industry you are operating in. Our ability to cater to packages weighing over 25kg’s, is our sweet spot with competitive pricing that set us apart.

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