Tracking Equals Clarity

A lack of visibility and control lies at the heart of many of the frustrations you and your customers experience. Not knowing when deliveries will arrive or even if they’ll do so, if they’re on schedule, why they’re delayed or the state they arrived in. All daily occurrences. All daily annoyances. 

Add the additional demands (and huge implications) regarding the Chain of Responsibility  around vehicle, load and driver safety and it’s never been more important to be aware of, and confident in, every single aspect of your deliveries.

Fortunately, that’s exactly what SubTrux offers. This single, easy-to-use, automated delivery platform provides you and your customers 100% transparency at every stage. 

With access to full visibility on all deliveries through Google Maps, the ability to contact the driver and live ETA updates emailed or sent straight to their phone, customers will never be left wondering where their delivery is again. You can also give them access to a live interactive portal to see all the information surrounding their past, current and future deliveries. Add real time track and trace at every touchpoint, proof of delivery photos, detailed reports on driver location and delays and comprehensive mandatory safety checklists and everyone can have all the information and confidence they need – every step of the way.   To see just how SubTrux can help your business deliver its full potential, get in touch.

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