The old adage that the only constant is change is true. Technology, capabilities, demands and more are shifting and moving faster than ever. But there’s one thing that rarely seems to change and that’s the fact that far too many businesses are experiencing cost blowouts. 

Successful deliveries are about much more than simply getting items from A to B. They’re about  moving loads in the smartest, most effective and most efficient way possible. 

To do that, you need information. Real time and relevant information that allows you to be confident that the decisions you take will give you the result you need.

The SubTrux dashboard provides all the information you require to adapt to the ever-changing environment you’re in. It enables you to see your live D.I.F.O.T performance alongside a clear picture of your capacity, vehicle locations, time on site/per delivery, driver safety requirements and more. You can even map planned routes and their corresponding kilometres to see how it impacts your ability to achieve all the deliveries you’ve got scheduled.

All this information helps you identify exactly what you need to adjust before the fact (not afterwards) to ensure you can confidently meet ever-increasing customer expectations and manage your costs along the way.

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