How do you keep track of your compliance?

Do you have access to real time information on your drivers and your fleet?

SubTrux enables COR Compliance to be recorded in real time and alerts the Drivers and the Management of any breaches of the NHVA requirements for Driver and Vehicle Safety.

Driver timesheets are digitally recorded and fatigue breaks automatically calculated to alert the Driver when mandatory breaks must be taken. Any breach of the protocol alerts all parties to ensure there are no accidents and safety measures are effective.

Vehicle checklists are also a key component of safety and compliance. The Driver App requests a full safety check prior to departure and if there is any defect discovered, the operator is alerted and notified.

If managing your COR Compliance is an area you are looking to get on top of or if you are keen to jump on board with a fully automated DMS, please contact SUBTRUX we’d be delighted to chat about your delivery needs.

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