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What is SubTrux Route Optimisation?

Route optimisation is the process of finding the best route for delivery drivers to take a package from A to Z (including complicated multi-stops, factoring in a multitude of variables and constraints) as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. This doesn't necessarily mean finding the shortest route. It's more so focused on minimizing the total driving time when making any number of stops, factoring in a bunch of variables including: - Delivery time windows - Vehicle load capacity (weight and/or volume) - Driver schedule - Driver proximity and/or hub location - Traffic congestion - Accidents on the roads - How far the different stops are from one another - When done manually, finding the best routes is a tedious (and near impossible) process. If you have just a few vehicles with 10 stops each, there can literally be millions of different route possibilities.

Deliver your full potential

With Subtrux DMS optimise your routes in seconds!

Route Optimisation

SubTrux combines functionality with flexibility, our route optimisation engines pick up the most effective routes, you can track deliveries via Google maps; keep customers updated via SMS and or email and see clear and powerful visual reports on driver punctuality, delivery and performance as well as location delays - all live and in real-time. We use an algorithm called “Vehicle Routing Problem”, or VRP, solvers. Which helps maximizing the number of deliveries your drivers can make. Businesses can maximise their deliveries travel times via; - Live ETA tracking, - SMS notification updates - Direct communication channels open between drivers and customers, - See at a glance exactly where their deliveries are, on the visual map, - Dispatchers and drivers can see at a glance exactly where the different stops are, who's going where, and any updates that are made based on real-time traffic conditions. - any potential traffic/ external conditions that may cause delays well as vehicle capacity and driver details.


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