On the job (day in the life)

This job was a clean up for a site we have been working on across the western suburbs for a client over the past few months. Our role has been exporting clay/fill/rock and finding a new home, recycling and repurposing products. We have also been carting in products such as crushed rock

We have collected and disposed of a range of materials including recycled concrete, asphalt and crushed rock (130 tonne)

Working with our partner Boral Recycling we have found the perfect home to ensure were supporting a closed loop economy.

Take control and track disposal of materials that are coming off site get in touch today 1300 931 516 enquiries@subtrux.com subtrux.com or for materials and product sourcing our sister company Soilworx on 9361 1300 soilworx.com.au

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