Real time visibility in the palm of your hand

With SubTrux, everything you need for effective and efficient deliveries is right at your fingertips with our delivery management software and App! Access all your deliveries in one place with full transparency on all your materials coming in and out … Read More

Waste taking up your time and energy? Let us take that job off your list!

SubTrux is committed to moving the soil that you can’t use and finding a better place for it to live. Whether it be collection of soil for temporary storage or the removal of contaminated soil, certified Clean Fill or crushed … Read More

How sustainable can your deliveries be?

When relying on deliveries that require four wheels and a tailpipe, how can we prioritise sustainability? Using the latest technology, the SubTrux delivery route planner seeks out the fastest delivery route and the one with the least idle time. With … Read More

Drive your own way – Join us today!

With a growing number of companies outsourcing their deliveries as part of their scalability agenda, the demand for SubTrux services continues to grow! If you are looking to drive on your own terms, contact us today to find our more … Read More

Minimise costs, maximise efficiency

Commercial projects run on tight schedules and strict deadlines, so delivery delays don’t just waste time they can also waste money. With SubTrux delivery management software you can schedule your deliveries in advance to coincide with your project deliverables. Providing … Read More

Trust, Confidence and Transparency

With SubTrux you can outsource your overflow with delivery options such as pay by the tonne, pay by the load and pay by the hour. We have over 500 Trucks and Tippers available to cart on and off site and … Read More

Disposal services

Looking for a better solution for Disposal off site? We know that sites can have variable conditions and it is critical to have access to the appropriate disposal services that are environmentally and financially sustainable. SubTrux offers a range of … Read More

For everyone’s safety, work safely

Working together to protect workers’ mental health. At SubTrux, we firmly believe that safety is never compromised and protecting our workers’ mental (psychological) health is just as vital as safeguarding their physical well-being. We understand that feeling like a valued … Read More

Join SubTrux

With a variety of jobs posted daily with a range of different vehicle and load requirements, search for the jobs that best suit you when they suit you. Join an existing network of over 2000+ owner drivers on SubTrux Marketplace … Read More

Sustainable soil practices for a better world

World Soil Day (WSD), is a United Nations initiative held annually on 5 December to focus on the importance of healthy soil and advocating for the sustainable management of soil resources. At SubTrux, we believe strongly in living and breathing … Read More