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With a variety of jobs posted daily with a range of different vehicle and load requirements, search for the jobs that best suit you when they suit you. Join an existing network of over 2000+ owner drivers on SubTrux Marketplace … Read More

Why hire and cartage via SubTrux?

We offer Cartage, Truck Hire, Disposal, Deliveries and Material Sourcing… Take control and ensure materials are coming in and out of site on schedule at highly competitive rates With advance GPS Tracking SubTrux gives you access to see exactly where … Read More

Disposal Services

Looking for a better solution for Disposal off site? With over 40+ years in the transport and groundworks industry we live and breath compliance, our system ensures drivers complete Comprehensive safety checklists. We all know regulatory compliance is getting tougher … Read More

What is SubTrux?

SubTrux is a technology platform that enables businesses to take control of their cartage, disposal, truck hire and general freight needs all at highly competitive prices and rates. No fixed terms or contracts Qualified compliant drivers and vehicles We are … Read More

SubTrux on the block 2022

We are delighted to be able to help house five contestants on this year’s television show The Block on channel 9. The contestants of house five found themselves in trouble and in need of multiple trucks to pick up steel … Read More

Driver fatigue is ultimately and legally your responsibility

Legal issues now impact transport businesses with COR. Did you know that driver fatigue is the biggest issue in the transport industry and is ultimately the legal responsibility of the employer to manage it? Drivers are now required to have … Read More

Scale your business with a SubTrux Marketplace

Scaling a business can require a substantial capital investment than many small to medium businesses may not have access to especially in times of recession or economic uncertainty. With SubTrux Marketplace, businesses can outsource additional delivery requirements to a pool … Read More

COR Compliance

How do you keep track of your compliance? Do you have access to real time information on your drivers and your fleet?  SubTrux enables COR Compliance to be recorded in real time and alerts the Drivers and the Management of … Read More

The Customer is King

As they say, the customer is king and your ability to answer any question regarding your products or the customers delivery should be immediate. But is that even possible, especially when many companies outsource their customer deliveries to third party … Read More

Changing Customer Service in Real time!

Avoid the frustration of chasing customer services for information that they do not have access to and waiting for calls back from the freight carrier or tracking a number online with limited updates on the whereabouts of their order, all amount to hours of frustration on behalf of the customer. … Read More